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                                     Palisade Park                                               Del Satins Reunion  80's

                                                In Memory of Bobby Failla

I first met Bobby when I was 12 Years old. He was 15. He was Larger than Life. He was a legend in the neighbor hood . He sang with the "Yorkville Melodies" He taught me how to sing. He was like a brother to me. He got me into the "Yorkville Melodies" He loved the black sound of the groups that were around at that time The Harp tones, Spaniels, Dubs, Clef Tones, Channels, and the Flamingos,Thatís howI learned to do what I do today. I left the Yorkville Melodies" , and Joined the Jokers, who later became "the Del Satins"  There was an opening in the "Del Satins" Bobby joined the group. Heís the reason Iím still doing what I do.  Bobby was sincere, But much more than that, he was a human being. Human beings make decisions. Some good some not so good. All  he wanted out of life was to sing. He wanted what everyone in the entertainment business wanted, to be a Star, and  far as Iím concerned, He was a star.  He was so happy to tell everybody about his accomplishments . He would brag about the fact that he was on such records as "Runaround Sue" "The Wanderer" etc. Many years went by, and then he met Mary, the love of his life. I never saw Bobby happier, then when Mary came into his life. Mary was good for him, and he was good for her. They loved each other very much. I loved him very much. We all will miss him. I can hear him singing in heaven with all his idols. Du Wopping  thru eternity

                                             Rest in peace my brother     

                                                   Stan Zizka 

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