Del Satins Solo Discography



year title Lable numb form country
1961 I'll Pray for you/ I remember the night End 1096 S7 USA
1961 Counting teardrops/ Remember Win 102 S7 USA
1962 Teardrops follow me/Best Wishes Good Luck Laurie 3132 S7 USA
1962 Ballad of Dee Jay /Does my Love stand a chance Laurie 3149 S7 USA
1963 Feelin no pain/Who Cares Columbia 42802 S7 USA
1964 Two Broken Hearts/ Believe  in me Mala 475 S7 USA
1965 Out to Lunch BT Puppy 1019 LP USA
1965 Hang around/My candy Apple Vette BT Puppy 506 S7 USA
1965 Sweets for my sweet/A girl named Arlene BT Puppy 509 S7 USA
1965 Relief/ The throwaway song BT Puppy 514 S7 USA
1967 A little rain must fall/Love hate revenge Diamond 216 S7 USA
1969 A girl named Arlene/I'll do my crying tomorrow BT Puppy 563 S7 USA


Laurie Full House

I don't care

Crystal Ball

Park ave

106 LP USA
1980 Greatest Hits Win 1000 LP USA
1990 Still Wanderering ?   LP USA
1998 Back from Lunch Vol 1 Win 1001 CD USA
1998 Back from Lunch Vol 2 Win 1002 CD USA     

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