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Pt. Lookout July3,2004 Stan Zizka's Del Satins

The Tokens

Randy & The Rainbows


Stan Zizka's Del Satins



Stan Zizka's Del Satins                    


Sal & Edie                    Steve                  


    Jay Seigel & The Tokens                                





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On July 3, 2004

Stan Zizka's Del Satins, were invited to perform at Point Lookout, Long Beach N.Y. Along with Jay Seigel & The Tokens, and Randy and The Rainbows, Featuring Randy Safutto (Original Lead Singer) 










It was a beautiful day, and it was represented by Veteran's from World War 2, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and the Iraq War. 





There were about 10,000 people there cheering on the Veteran's who served this country.Their  service and sacrifice, is the  reason, we all could be there.



People of all ages, gathered on the big lawn

to celebrate the birth of a Nation

Dignitaries from all over New York State, came to join in the festivities.





Stan Zizka's Del Satins, opened the show with a tribute to Ray Charles 10,000 people were standing, waving their hands in the as Stan and The group sang "America the Beautiful"





Edie Van Buren's rendition of "God Bless America" received a standing ovation







Steve Destafano, the latest member of the Del Satin's

Knocked the audience out with "Diamonds and Pearls" Accepella















Randy and the Rainbows, a crowd favorite Had the Audience rockin', with their hit record     "Denise"









Jay Seigel & the Token's, closed the show with their number one hit record "THe Lion Sleeps Tonight"










The night came to an end with a great display of fireworks, and 10,000 people had a great night