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Stan Zizka

Stan has been performing since he was fifteen years old. From his earlier groups 'The Del Satins' and 'The Magnificent Men' to 'Tangerine' and 'Stan & Edie'. His love for what he does, shows up on stage every night that he performs. "There are not many people that can make a living at what they love to do."  "I am very lucky" say's Stan. "I hope I can do this for the rest of my life" If you haven't seen him perform, your missing a very enjoyable evening


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Edie Van Buren

Edie has been singing professionally for over twenty years. During that time, she has performed at weddings, in clubs, and in adult homes. In addition to that, she spent several years working in community theatre. It is because of her extensive experience in these venues that Edie can bring great versatility to any job that she is asked to do.  Edie has a wonderful rapport with people, and understands the importance of respect to her audience in regards to both appearance and performance

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Charles Aiello

Charles is one of the founding members of Tangerine! His Mixture of "Real" Bass Guitar and "Electronic Synthesizers" creates a "LIVE " sound that is like no other! He also is an Experienced " D J ," knowing what to play for the success of any occasion!

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Charles also adds "Lead and Background Vocals" to extend the versatility of Tangerine and the "Del Satins"


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